Jun 6, 2009

Living For the Night :o)

Night-Shift that is. I leave for work in about 20 minutes for my first night for a three week stint.

I am looking for my cyberbuddies to help keep my bride company over the next few nights. It is a four night on, three night off type of schedule, so you have to keep to the night-shift schedule.

I always make sure I get more sleep when I work nights because that early morning 45 minute drive can be a killer.

I will be lurking, but most likely not commenting much over the next few weeks.


  1. I'll miss you in the evening. :( But it will be nice to do some yard stuff together during the day! Do you remember the movie "Night Shift"? About the only thing I remember about it is that Michael Keaton carried around a tape recorder in which he recorded his "Notes to Self." Brilliant ideas like feeding mayonnaise to tunas so that they were all ready for tuna salad. Ha!

  2. oh boy...this schedule would be hard to do!

  3. Hi Ken,
    Yikes ... the Night Shift sounds horrible. I hope there's lots of coffee involved.

  4. Wow ... that sounds like fun. Take care and see you soon!

  5. I did an all night radio show for 2 years. It was great. I enjoyed everything about it except coming home in the morning when the world was waking up and in a hurry.

  6. Don't worry about the Mrs, she is busy conjuring up scary stories while you are gone.
    And Tiger won the Memorial...


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