Jun 3, 2009

Social Media and Personality Disorders :o)

I love the graphic, and think that the intersection with twitter (I like to call it tweeter) in the middle is about right.

Which personality disorder do you frequent? :o)

Courtesy of www.despair.com. I have signed up for their blog, so not only do you have to suffer through the Sunday Silliness entries, but there will be occassional entries due to their blog feed.


  1. Hi Ken,
    Wow ... what a coincidence. Someone e-mailed me this earlier today. I think this chart gives twitter too much credit. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see twitter as being a long-lasting stand-alone business. It's more like an interesting feature that could be included in a broader social networking play. Also, sheesh, is there really that much of a market for minute-by-minute updates from the Average Joe?

  2. Too funny! (And Honey, it's Twitter, not Tweeter. :)

    I'm with Marty. Although I'm on Twitter, I don't find it as useful or as versatile as Facebook. I find that I like maintaining my blog, Facebook is a nice supplement (easy to quickly add a video or article), and Twitter is just sort of a silly, quick update. I can see it losing its appeal quickly, at least for me.

  3. Okay, that graphic is hilarious! haha And SOOOOOOO true.

  4. I'm with Marty and Beth........I'm not fond of Twitter either.

    Hugs, Rose

  5. The graphic is great, I LOL'd when I read it. I have already grown tired of my twitter.

  6. My ADHD interferes with my ability to focus long enough to open a Twitter account; however, my narcissism pushes me to Twitter just so I can stalk Denzel Washington, assuming that he's on Twitter.

  7. Apparently I'm a Narcissistic Stalker, since I am on Facebook a lot! lol


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