Jun 12, 2009

MARCO .... polo :o)

The ocean waters of the Mid-Atlantic, stretching from New York to Virginia, provide a wealth of economic and environmental services to local communities, States, and the nation. At the same time, the people of the Mid-Atlantic region are a significant force that influences our ocean and coastal environment. We change the coastline and watershed through our buildings and development, we harvest the ocean’s resources through increasingly efficient means, and we rely on offshore waters to support diverse activities such as maritime commerce and recreation.

As the intensity of these human influences has increased, they have at times led to significant threats to the health of our ecosystems. Now our ocean and coastal resources face a new generation of challenges, and these challenges are only growing in their urgency.

To successfully address these challenges, and to ensure that future generations can enjoy healthy and productive ocean ecosystems, the Governors of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia have committed to a new comprehensive, regional approach, creating the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean. Our five states will work to maintain and improve the health of our ocean and coastal resources, and ensure that they continue to contribute to the high quality of life and economic vitality of our region’s communities well into the future.

We rarely hear the good news about what our politicians are doing to take care of mother nature, kudos to these five governors. If you want to read the MARCO agreement, click the link here.

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  1. Similarly, closer to home we have the group that deals with matters concerning the Great Lakes. It IS great to see states working together to discuss environmental concerns, ones that affect them all.


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