Jul 5, 2010

Science Scene - RoboCat

In case you missed this a couple of weeks ago, .....

When Oscar the cat lost both his hind paws in a farming accident, it was feared he'd have to trundle around in one of those wheeled-cat apparatuses. But Noel Fitzpatrick, a neuro-orthopedic veterinary surgeon in Surrey, pioneered a groundbreaking technique instead, installing weight-bearing bone implants to create a bionic kitty.

Custom-engineered metal implants -- called intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthetics (ITAPs) -- are fastened directly to Oscar's little ankle bones, inside his fuzzy little legs. From there they protrude directly through the skin and fur, using a biomimicking design inspired by the way that deer's antlers anchor to bone and then extend out through the skin. Prosthetic paws attach to the ends of the implants and let Oscar walk normally.



  1. I posted the video of Oscar and his post-surgery "new" feet. It's truly amazing.
    And then I saw that picture where he has more "natural" looking feet.
    Warms my heart that the litle guy is up and walking around again.

  2. Please tell me this cat has the theme music to Six Million Dollar Man playing wherever he goes..

  3. Quite a story! I wonder if the surgeon comped that procedure; it must be too new to be covered by pet insurance. Gawd, I'm such a cynic! I'm supposed to be charmed by the kitty and I'm pondering the money angle!

  4. That is amazing!!! Eler Beth and I both enjoyed watching that video. Oscar is a very handsome cat, too!

  5. This story is dear to my heart. I'm so happy for Oscar. Years ago I had a cat lose her back legs and there was nothing we could do. Now I support Rolling Dog Ranch, an organization for disabled animals.

  6. Heartwarming. I just wish they could have made more realistic looking prosthetics. I know that's a dumb concern. -- these new "legs" just look so unleg-like.

  7. True inspiration. Just makes me grin ear to ear.


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