Jul 26, 2010

Science Scene - Ford Using Soy Foam

Weeding out petroleum-based materials in favor of bio-based alternatives has helped Ford reduce the environmental impacts of its vehicles.

Using foam derived from soy rather than petroleum, for example, has avoided more than six million pounds (2,721 metric tons) of carbon dioxide emissions annually. The company said last week it would expand the use of bio-based foams through nearly all of its vehicle lineup this year -- with an eye on the possibilities of one day using compostable plastics.

Can we one day hope to see the automotive world go totally compostable, removing the use of petroleum-based parts 100 percent?

The potential benefits are compostable plastics are many: reducing the need for foreign oil, boosting the farming community, and reducing emissions and impacts.



  1. when i worked kitting prototype seats, the town we worked in would no longer allow the company to produce the seating foam because of its toxicity. i am glad to see yet another creative and environmental use for soy based alternatives!


  2. A compostable car? Seems unsafe, but I'll back the idea.

  3. Great idea. Never heard of it before.

  4. Eventually we won't have a choice. Love the soy based oils and their minimal eco impact. Looking forward to the shift.


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