Jul 7, 2010

Science Scene - Robo-Lifeguard

You’re caught by the ocean’s riptide, exhausted and barely keeping your head above water. Then your unlikely hero appears: a four-foot-long talking buoy. It’s EMILY, the robot lifeguard. Grab on, and it can bring you safely back to shore.

This summer, EMILY (for EMergency Integrated Lifesaving lanYard) began patrolling Malibu’s dangerous Zuma Beach. Although lifeguards operate this version by remote control, next year’s model will autonomously save potential drowning victims as reliably as a human. Once a lifeguard tosses EMILY into the surf, its sonar device will scan for the underwater movements associated with swimmers in distress.



  1. Props to whoever came up with the name!

  2. What a wonderful idea ~ whoever invented such a rescue boat must be a genius ~ Allyx

  3. What a terrific concept. I think Emily is a must have for beaches everywhere.

  4. Considering my fear of drowning, I might want to have one as a pet!

  5. I've been caught in a riptide before and know how quickly you can tire out (especially if you're not a strong swimmer). This is really a wonderful invention!


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