Jul 6, 2010

Science Scene - Ribbon Fan

Wow, careful what you ask for.  In our parts recently, we were complaining about the rain and how it did not seem like summer had yet arrived.  The last few days has debunked that theory.  We have  been in the 90's for multiple days now, and we actually broke out the bedroom AC unit yesterday (we do not have central air, so usually have a short period where we use the portable AC units).  That brings us to our Science Scene topic, a new design for a ceiling fan that could preclude the need for AC in some places.  That souuds pretty innovative to me, and could really help with our energy supply issues.

Benjamin McMahon has a patent pending for his ribbon-inspired design/invention that not only looks like a fast, free-flowing ribbon, spinning in suspension, when it's turned on, but his Ribbon Ceiling Fan is actually more efficient than other ceiling fans, perhaps even limiting the need for air conditioning in some environments.

Making use of the geometry of a helical loop, the Ribbon Ceiling Fan's unique blades are able to focus air in a wider circumference from the fan than current blade fans that tend to push air downwards. The Ribbon also recirculates air with more force, while using the same amount of energy as a blade fan. Another positive feature of the Ribbon is that it uses standard fixtures for installation, making it much easier to replace a standard fan.



  1. I could of used one today! It's unbearably hot in NY too and we don't have AC. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. As a bonus, it is breathtakingly beautiful! Imagine it in colors, too.

  3. we don't have ac either- i love this idea and i am sure it could help with lowering heating costs in the winter too!


  4. I think I'd get motion sickness looking at the thing in operation.

  5. That is cool! (pun intended) I would love that. Then I'd only need to run the air on very humid days.


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