Jul 27, 2010

Science Scene - Flying Car on Horizon :o)

Late next year, you'll be able to buy your own flying car -- er, "roadable aircraft" -- thanks to a thumbs-up from the Federal Aviation Administration. As long as you have $194,000 and a sport pilot license.

The agency approved the Transition plane-car this week, giving it a Light Sport Aircraft rating. The test prototype has been flying for about a year, but plane-maker Terrafugia will unveil its production-class plane next month at the Experimental Aircraft Association's annual convention in Oshkosh, Wisc.

The Transition drives like a car, uses normal high-octane gasoline, has front-wheel-drive and even comes with airbags. Its fuel economy is about 30 miles per gallon. But unlike your Prius, it can unfold its wings and fly. You'll only need a one-third of a mile strip for a runway, meaning you could conceivably use your own street. It is powered by a rear propeller and flies about 115 miles per hour.

It won't be ideal for cargo trips -- it only holds about 460 pounds, including fuel and passengers -- but for sport pilots on short jaunts, it's a one-vehicle solution.



  1. I don't want no stinking "roadable aircraft"!
    I want a FLYING CAR!!!
    That sounds much cooler.

  2. I'm underwhelmed. This is so far from what the Jetsons, man.

  3. I'm afraid we would have tons of trouble in the air with flying cars!

  4. I would love a Flying car the only problem is I havn't enough money nor do I have a sport pilot license ~ But I would be game to go along in one as a passenger so long as I had a parachute :o) ~ Ally x

  5. My husband is a pilot, though not current. Lots of his friends are up at Oshkosh this week. This airplane/car sounds like fun... though the weight requirement might present a problem.

  6. Very cool. Ken love the tech. :)

    Hate what man will do with it though. The last thing we need is more people flying around the planet.

  7. What happened to all those cool hovercrafts they promised us way back in the sixties? And all the extra leisure time and the holidays in space...

    Ah well, a flying car is a small step in the right direction I guess.



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