Jul 5, 2010

4th of July Sparks :o)

We had a nice time at SIL Diana's house yesterday.  Snacks, family, brats on the barbie, and lots of backyard fireworks. [actual firework captured on cell phone to the left].  It is fun to watch the little ones (3 years and less) and the middle ones (9-11 years old) enjoy the festivities.

Even found time for a few rounds of Beatles Rock Band and a game of Chess.

Hope you had a great holiday and that the short week goes fast for all and then another weekend :o)


  1. Why did you put the kids on the grill?

  2. we had a great time. apparently the normally law abiding citizens of warren take their illegal fireworks very seriously- we were well entertained without ever having to leave the house saturday and sunday :D


  3. Glad you had a nice time for your 4th. I will have to bone up on my chess playing and maybe we will have a chance to play a game with each other.

  4. It was fun here- sit in the garage with the computers, drink a beer and watch the multitudes of fireworks going off for hours on end, and we didn't have to go anywhere or spend a dime :)


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