Jul 24, 2010

Bucko's Bucks - Is there a price to avoid loneliness?

Scott Rosenbaum has thousands of people available to keep you company -- for a price. But he's no pimp, and his website, RentAFriend.com, is no escort service. Pay $24.95 a month (or $69.95 a year) to become a member, and you get to choose from a vast menu of "friends" with whom you can play Parcheesi, go to the movies, or perhaps use as a fake relative. Almost anything, as long as it doesn't involve sex.

While some may think it sad that people are willing to pay for the most basic human companionship, Rosenbaum views it as an underserved niche and a promising business opportunity. He thinks of his venture as the antidote to dating and sex sites. ""It's about platonic friendship. There's a complete void in that market."

As for the hourly rates, the RentAFriends settle the terms on their own with paid members -- fees generally range from $10 to $150 an hour -- and they keep the cash for services rendered. It's an odd way to make money, but for some RentAFriends it's enjoyable work.

So, while I find it sad that we are resorting to finding and paying for friends, is there anywhere but America that such a service can take off? 

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  1. Good morning Ken I read about this in one of our papers over here in the UK and I thought it was sad to pay to have a friend ~ but if it helps someone then I am for it ~ Ally x

  2. It's the same thing as going to a Strip club in my mind(which i have never gotten around to going to)...you are paying for fake interest in yourself to someone else..just doesn't work for me, but if it floats someone elses boat, why not?

  3. Strangely enough, I thought it read "it's about pathetic friendship" upon first glimpse. You are right, only in America would something like this go over.

  4. i think if i had to pay for it, i'd just sit at home and play video games...


  5. on the real, this could be a step for many people who otherwise would be frustrated in their attempts to connect with people. As far as 'sad' how about an idea whose time has come?

  6. There is actually a new book out that is actually about platonic friendship written for Christians who have always been told that its impossible. "Sacred Unions Sacred Passions"


  7. We're becoming more and more isolated -- so I see this kind of business as a good investment opportunity


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