Aug 11, 2012

Raleigh NC, Flat Ruthie Meets Sheria


We continued our trip back from Florida today and ended up in Raleigh, NC.  This gave us a chance to meet Miss Sheria at "The Pit".  There was a lot of chatter (we were there for almost four hours), and some good eatin's (it was BBQ after all).  I really enjoyed spending time with them and listening to them!

While I do not have a picture with Bucko or Beth, here is a picture of them with Miss Sheria :o)


  1. Ruthie, I enjoyed meeting you as well and although you didn't say much, I'm certain that you were thinking a lot of good stuff.

  2. I would not have been surprised if you ran into Nixxie and KT. They were out that way shopping at the Crabtree Mall for a Michael Kors purse, among other things!!

    Raleigh is a very underrated town. I always liked it better than Chapel Hill/Durham when it came to colleges and it has all the culture of Charlotte without the pretensions!

    Enjoy your trip home!!

  3. Excuse me, but didn't you just take a vacation across country on Route 66? It is us that are retired and running around.

    Oh yeah, you had to take Flat Ruthie on a vacation. Great place, Raleigh, NC, Glad she (and you guys) got to meet Sheria. I bet Sheria will remember this meeting. I see by the comment, that the visit is verified!!! Neat!!

  4. Flat Ruthie that barbecue sounds DELICIOUS. My mouth is watering at the thought of it. Looks like all of you are having fun. I will keep The Pit in mind next time I'm in Raleigh.


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