Aug 15, 2012

Flat Ruthie, Behind The Scenes...

It has come to my attention that I may have been remiss in explaining what Flat Ruthie is all about.

My friend Mark's (formally Detroit, now Omaha) daughter is a host for Flat Ruthie, who travels the world visiting fellow bloggers and friends.  After his daughter visited him this summer, he kept Flat Ruthie and offered her up for adventures for any of his followers.  With our pending trip to Florida, we offered to host Flat Ruthie on a "Road Trip". So that, my friends, is the story behind our friend Flat Ruthie.  She will soon be on her way via USPS to Omaha Mark :o)

Go to the blog to see Flat Ruthie's adventures!


  1. That FLAT RUTHIE gets around. I saw her out west a while back on another blog. Thoroughly enjoyed your visit with her.

  2. And she certain has a lot of frequent flyer miles!!

  3. Flat Ruthie was a fine companion!

  4. Makes some nice entries and travel logs.

  5. She may be flat, but she leads a very well-rounded life!


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