Aug 18, 2012

Happy Weekend - Here is a kool summer utensil :o)

The Watermelon Knife is purpose-built by Kuhn-Rikon of Switzerland to enable even the sloppiest kitchen novice to slice watermelons like a pro. The fact the knife looks like a watermelon itself only adds to the joy of using it.



  1. I have one and it has allowed me to safely slice up my watermelon! Wonderful tool!!

  2. To make a perfect cut you need something different than I use. My cuts sorta curve where they want to go. HA!

  3. I actually saw one recently in an Avon brochure. I looked at it several times, decided not to get it but maybe next time I order, I will. Their's are $9.99 and would make a good Christmas gift for the melon lovers in my family.

  4. I have seen these out at the various stores and thought about getting one, but first wanted to hear a testimonial, about how GOOD it is. Maybe there's a YouTube video. LOL Love the way it looks, though.


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