Aug 29, 2012

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!!!

While I am a bacon lover, I think this may be taking it a bit to far...

This so-called “Bacon for the Ages” is one of many canned products produced by Kokubu & Co. Ltd. of Tokyo.

Each can contains 105 grams (3.75 oz) of which 65 grams (2.32 oz) is “solid”. Not a whole lot, really, even at a mere 380 yen (about $4.80) per can. The diced chunks of bacon are obviously a lot smaller than they appear in these images – one more reason to buy a case or even a truckload. 



  1. it looks like spam in dark a former vegetarian i am a true convert and lover of all things bacon, until i saw this. i would have to pass the jelly is just a big NO.


  2. I like bacon butt hat looks kinda gross.

  3. My stomach says yes, my brain NO!

  4. I like bacon. But not in a can. YUCK.

  5. Me NO LIKE bacon in a can!


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