Aug 8, 2012

Flat Ruthie - Golf & Eats

The weather was pretty nice here in central Florida this morning.  Went to the links to play a round of golf with the big guy.  

With the weather being warm and humid, the big guy and his wife went for a dip (I did not go, did not want to be in a baggie :o), then we headed out for a bite to eat.

Have to say I have enjoyed the seafood down here in Florida.  Tonight it was a Grouper Sandwich and Coconut Shrimp.  Yum!


  1. RUTHIE vacations are usually par for the course. But this one looks above par. You seem larger than life, taking in all the fun in the sun. Glad you and your buddies are having such a blast. ENJOY!

  2. Now you make my mouth water for Grouper, the coco Shrimp is good also. Glad Flat Ruthie is enjoying a good trip!!!!
    From NY

  3. I hope that having Flat Ruthie along did not "handicap" you on the course!! Man, next time you guys go to Florida, we may have to make that a "Big Mark" vacay!!

  4. :D glad you opted out of the swimming plan. i also hate to swim!


  5. That seafood platter surely looked good. Sounds like a fun trip.


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