Aug 30, 2012

Long Weekend Bound - KY

Paintsville serves as the county seat of Johnson County. It is located along the mouth of Paint Creek at the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River. Originally called Paint Lick Station, the town was established in 1834, after being laid out in 1826. Paint Lick Station was referred to in military dispatches as early as 1780. Paint Creek and Paintsville were named in reference to drawings found on trees, believed to be drawn by Native Americans. It is believed that the post office was originally known as Paint Creek, but was renamed Paintsville before 1843. The founder of the town is acknowledged to be Dalton Ray Chandler II. The Civil War found Johnson County Fiscal Court passing an ordinance barring both Union and Confederate flags from being flown. This was quickly repealed when then Col. James A. Garfield marched his brigade on the city of Paintsville.
During the early twentieth century, Paintsville began to transform into a modern American city. In 1902, the First National Bank opened as Paintsville's first bank. In 1906, the city received telephone service and two years later, all of the streets were paved. In 1912, Paintsville received electricity and natural gas services. Then in 1926, Paintsville residents received public water and the city's fire department was established.[2]
Since the late 1990s, Paintsville has been growing rapidly. This is due in part to some business developments in the past few years, as well as growing tourist interest. Paintsville has also been in the process of revitalizing the downtown area in order to rejuvenate its original business district.

We will be back to normal programming on Tuesday, September 4th!


  1. Enjoy your trip!! Drive safely and bring 'em back alive!!

  2. Never been to Paintsville, but will look for it on the map. I trust that Paintsville has more success at revitalizing the downtown area, than most. OUr area only succeeded in spending federal funds.(sigh)
    have a great long weekend!!!!

  3. Phones, paved streets, electricity and water. paintsville was innovative, for sure. My nana still had an outhouse in the late 50's and used a washboard in the town she lived in. HAVE FUN. ENJOY. Hope you have a safe trip.

  4. i know hundreds of folks from Paintsville....dozens of my mom's side of the family is from Vanceburg, KY.....which is an hour from where my grandmother is buried. I have traveled back to these areas about a half dozen times from where i live in Ohio. It is always an emotional journey....seemingly as if i can step back in time. I work with dozens of folks who were born in is very well known in my city.


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