Aug 27, 2012

Batman > Physics?

Where would Bruce Wayne be without the batsuit’s ubiquitous slick cape? Alive and well, according to physicists at the University of Leicester, who have revealed that the impact of the hero’s plunge back to Earth after a little lofty cape-gliding would be the equivalent of being hit by a car at 50 mph.

Overall, depending on your standards, Batman seems to do pretty well in a reality check. The "memory cloth" cape that becomes rigid as a current passes through it was deemed a possible means of flight. But it's not the flying that gets you; it's the landing. The students mathematically calculated what his impact would look like, and it's not pretty. Roughly, it would be about the same as getting hit by a car going 50 mph.

The paper does admit that variations of the angle of the glide were not taken into account, and could contribute to a safe landing.  

Interesting subject for a thesis, not sure it is going to help solve any crimes though.  Rock on Caped Crusader :o).


  1. Not really being a DC comic or big Batman fan, I wonder if his suit is an exo-skeleton that acts as a support system that absorbs much of the impact...

    I am VERY happy for your new job!! One of the things that I like about my new employer is how inclusive and friendly everyone seems to be!! I am sure that it will be a great fit for you and a heck of a lot more "user friendly"!

  2. But as my son & his sons would say, physics have nothing to do with super heroes and super powers, they defy the laws of physics. See there! that proves it. He landed safely!!!! LOL

    Enjoy your job. I hope it is satisfying, an occupation should bring a smile EVERY DAY!

  3. I'm with Jack. Physics don't apply here!

  4. This is why Batman is a cartoon/movie character.

  5. I just want a man who looks good in a bat suit. What, is that off topic?


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