Aug 24, 2012

New Chapter!

Sometimes it is good to take a chance, to make a change, to re-baseline your career.  I have decided to do that! 

06BG-ElkhartBrass.jpgRecently, I received an inquiry, based on my LinkedIn profile, about whether I was interested in a change.  As I discussed and investigated the opportunity, I discovered that I was.  

After the phone interview, we made arrangements for a visit to the facility, and what was supposed to be a 1-2 hour visit turned into over 4 hours.  It all seemed to click.

Shortly after that, an offer was received, a counter was proposed, and agreement was reached :o)  Beth and I discussed the positives and the negatives, and as always, we made the decision together.  

So I sealed the deal, and yesterday provided my two week notice.  It has been uplifting, even though there is a spot of sadness that I will not be there to coach and mentor our recently hired project managers.  The decision was made even easier by some recent turmoil.  There have been many "happy for you, but sucks for us" comments.  The sad thing is that sometimes you are not appreciated until you are leaving...

We will have some challenges based on my salary reduction, but the quality of life quotient will be through the roof.  All in all, a worthwhile compromise. So on September 6th, I will end my career with AEP, and in nuclear power.  On September 10th, I start my new journey as New Product Development Manager at Elkhart Brass. 

I only have good things to say about my career at AEP, Cook Nuclear Plant, and I wish them well.  But I cannot lie, I am giddy with excitement to start my new job.  Elkhart Brass is a family owned business, established 110 years ago, with 151 employees.  It will be such a different environment from my past experiences. 

We have been invited to the company picnic tomorrow, where more than 600 employees and their family will be present.  It feels so special to be so welcomed.  

I look forward to sharing my new journey with you.


  1. I couldn't be happier for you, honey. I can tell you're super excited about the new challenge, and I'm very proud of you. I think it's a good move and a positive change. :)

  2. Change can be uplifting indeed. Congrats on the new job. I wish you all the best in this new venture.

  3. I think that at a certain point in the life of a well-rounded person, the value of more zeroes in a pay check does not outweigh the value of simply being appreciated and in an atmosphere conducive to personal growth.

    Good on you and I am sure you and Beth have made the right choice!

  4. Best of luck - I know it will be great!

  5. Making a change is always difficult but this one sounds like a good decision. Best of luck in your new adventure.

  6. Congratulations, Ken! Change is good, and it sounds like you made this one with the right amount of contemplation.

  7. fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this will cut your commute and let you enjoy more happy not at work time!


  8. Change is good, and when quality of life is a perk, jump for it.

  9. Whoopee, new life, new adventures GREAT and Congratulations, but Sad, Beth will not be able to find you in the dark as easily,you will no longer GLOW! LOL good for you guys.

  10. Congratulations, Ken! I hope you're happy in your new job, and I know Beth will be happy to have you around more!

  11. I know there are some fears with this type of life change. The thrill of the unknown will wear off quickly. My Dad always said, " Everything alway happens for te best. You just have to find the best in it."

    For me, I changed things many time. First, I always sought council from the smartest person I knew at the time.. That was always Libby. We as you and Beth, alway made these life changing decisions together. The second thing I did was always remember that except for the very few, you can not go back again. You must move forward. Finally, I thought about where I really wanted to be as much as possible and still be able to exist. That answer was always with Libby and home. It sounds to me like you came to your decision they same way I always did with transfers, promotions, and job changes.

    Ken, you both will be in our thoughts as you move into this new chapter of your lives together. I applaud you for your decision to put family before
    personal comfort and security. You are gutsy enough to make this work and have a better life for both of you.

    Good Luck and our best wishes for continued success at life.

    Bill and Libby

  12. Wow. Best Wishes for your new job.

  13. Congratulations to your new employers, they are the lucky ones to have gained such a fabulous person for their company.


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