Aug 11, 2012

Flat Ruthie on the Road Trip Return Leg, West Virginia

We met up with Sheria (please go give her a visit, she is an amazing person with some great and thought provoking perspectives) again today for lunch and managed to squeeze our lunch into a mere two hours.  

Then it was back on the road to knock out six hours of our return leg of our Vegecation back to South Bend.  It was hairy at times as The Big Guy had to avoid various cars going through Virginia and West Virginia.  Apparently the drivers in these states are not familiar with freeway/highway interchanges and mountain tunnels, because they slow down, and sometimes even stop, when they approach them.  I even heard The Big Guy say that these drivers make the Tennessee drivers look like professionals...

We stopped in Ripley, WV and headed out for some BBQ.  

This is my last entry with The Big Guy and Nutwood Beth.  Thanks Bucko and Beth for taking me on a road trip!


  1. Whew. Long day. Looking forward to getting back home tomorrow!

  2. Yeah, I catch myself thinking 'south' when driving near the city here. I sometimes sit at a stop sign waiting for a BIG break in traffic. I must tell myself, ain't gonna happen, jump out there. LOL
    But it is true, many folks down south have problem merging, not realizing they need to speed up rather than slow down, but then, You may have gotten behind some of my friends who are Senior citizens and easily confused. LOL You all will make it, Ruthie close your ears when the Big Guy expresses his concern. LOL

  3. I'm sure you will be glad to be home after all that driving!

  4. i was just wondering to myself if ruthie learned any new colorful language on her visit...

    glad you all had a great adventure.


  5. Once came to a complete standstill on a West Virginia hwy for a couple hours. People were sunbathing on the roofs of their cars.interesting people for sure. Ruthie I am sad to see you move on. But more adventures await you. ENJOY.


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