Aug 7, 2012

Flat Ruthie at Flip Flops

It was a quiet day today in New Smyrna, the big guy went for a run on the beach, but he had no pockets and I did not get to go.  Then it rained in the afternoon for several hours, so we were stuck in the room.

But in the early evening, we headed out to Flip Flops, whose menu was designed by the Season 5 winner of Hell's Kitchen, and boy-o-boy, was it good.

Here I am with the appetizers!


  1. OYSTERS, now that's worth talking about. YUMMY.

  2. You can say one thing, Flat Ruthie eats good on this trip!!!

  3. That is the life... scooting around Florida with the mistress of Nutwood and her lord, Bucko!! You go Flat Ruthie!!


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