Jan 20, 2011

Cool Beans :o)

The conventional advice for mastering your temper is to “Count to 10” before reacting. I know I try and use this technique, but sometimes my ire is up before I can think to count.  So here are a few questions to to ask when you find your irritation quotient exceeded before you have the chance to count:

1. Am I at fault?

2. Will this solve anything?

3. Am I improving the situation?

4. Can I make a joke of this?



  1. I think I would opt for #4.

  2. I also tend to ask myself: Is this person so ignorant that he/she will have no idea what I am upset about no matter what I say?

    Often, the answer is yes, so I shut up.

  3. Very good points, wish I would always put those in practice. Sometimes I can, but others......
    Frank&Mary also has a good point!

    Thanks for the tips and very good advice.

  4. I used to have a terrible temper, but through the years, I've learned it's better to just let it go. "Will this solve anything?" is the question I always ask myself.


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