Jan 4, 2011

Science Scene - It Is Almost Rocket Science

A newly discovered molecule called trinitramid could be the key to a future rocket fuel that is 30 percent more efficient than current rocket fuel.

Scientists at Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden discovered this new molecule in the nitrogen oxide group -- only eight such compounds are known to include only nitrogen and oxygen -- while doing research on new rocket fuels.

The scientists realized that the new compound could be stable in solid form and, if so, could lead to rocket fuel that is 20 - 30 percent more efficient, could dramatically cut the greenhouse gas emissions from a shuttle launch and support a rocket with a much larger payload. 

The research team has been able to produce enough of the compound in a test tube for it to be detectable, but more will have to be produced and more tests will have to be conducted before its deemed stable enough.



  1. This would be great news if I thought space exploration was worthwhile, but I think there are more pressing matters closer to home.

  2. I like the idea of less weight, or more power per pound. I hope something comes up in the Nitrogen useage for autos closer to home. Maybe it will lead to that.

    I love space travel. Wish I were a youth again to try out for 'astronaut' status. Will never have the money to blow on a tourist trip into space. But maybe this will make it more affordable. Nah, What is a 100,000 cut from three million? hahaha

    Take care, I always wonder what is next out there? I looking for the alternate fuel that is 'the one'.
    Thanks for the info.


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