Jan 24, 2011

Media Noise - A lot of Huff, Enough!

the following, a quote from Joe Kline, in a recent issue of Time, says pretty much what I feel about the sorry state of the media in our country.  In some ways, I long for the days of only the major networks.

"The effect of all this [media] noise is to make it seem as if something drastic is happening, even when nothing really is. It becomes near impossible for us to accurately gauge the state of the nation — and it becomes utterly impossible to deal with abstract long-term threats like climate change, a flaccid educational system and the economic cancer caused by financial speculation. This is the precise opposite of what the media should be doing. It is a far greater threat to the Republic than the Sarah Palin circus or the anarchy of Julian Assange. It gets worse with each passing year, and I see absolutely no cure for it."

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,2039920,00.html#ixzz1BAG6HCAc


  1. It has always gotten worse and worse. If the public did not respond to noise and were not as willing to accept bombast for debate and police, then I would agree with Mr. Klein's premise.

    On my way out but I will come back after I read the full article by Mr. Klein.

  2. If Fox "News" and MSNBC both wanted to go away to clear some clutter, I'd be fine with that.

  3. Being the optomist, am looking for a turn around. Surely we haven't sunk so low that we are gonna sink.

    I think the news situation is due to too many reporters with no news to report so they must somehow find an ambulance to chase like the lawyers.

    Good entry though, true of Right NOW.

  4. Pushing the reporters to "make news" I think....like jack69 says just like lawyers.

  5. You're right ... it's gotten to the point that news has become noise. And something tells me it's going to get worse ...

  6. This post is dead on Ken. Way too much noise.


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