Jan 8, 2011

Gen Y Communciation

Some 30 million young people in their late teens to early 30s are expected to join the U.S. workforce in 2010.  Effectively communicating with them will be crucial to our continued economic progress.  Empowerment is what this generation craves, looking for more than a paycheck, desiring to be serving a cause.

The old command-and-control style of managing just does not work with this generation.  Here are five ways to engage them:

Don't manage, mentor: Growth, Skills, Contribution, Learning.

Don't assign, explain: Experience, Understanding, Life Skills.

Don't dictate, solicit: Daily Employee Input.

Don't ignore, respond: Empowerment, Listen, Communication.

Don't conceal, communicate: Feedback, Social Interaction with peers, Dialogue.


  1. It is hard for the Old Dog to keep up in today's world.
    However it is never too late for those who want to keep up to learn better ideas of communicating. That is the heart of any growing business or concern.

    Have a great day!

  2. I had to attend a class on how to communicate with all the different age groups last year. I thought it was great and really learned alot!

  3. This and another entry of yours recently would also be of great use to improving interpersonal relationships.

  4. This list looks familiar Ken; I think I may have seen this info someplace else too. Not that I can remember where.


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