Jan 10, 2011


Every one of us alone has the power to direct the course of our lives by choosing what actions we will or won't take.  While sometimes it's easier to believe you don't have a choice, the reality is that you always have a choice to behave differently.

 - Francine Ward, business leader.


  1. This is important, I like it. Just printed it ans sent it to someone important to me.


  2. And sometimes life makes the choices for you.

  3. My knee jerk was to agree with Toon... but even if life makes a 'choice', the consequence of that choice is where your free will comes into play. How you react and what you make of the result is up to you and your choices...

  4. Love the freedom to choose. Even when life makes the choices for me, I get to choose how to react to them.


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