Jun 3, 2010

e-Mail Effing Tips :o)

I know that I struggle with e-mails, and everything that goes with it.  Sure, it is a great way to stay informed, to be alerted when people comment or update on [fill in the application here], or to know when you have a new bill or payment or deposit or.....  But in this new information age, it is important to practice some common courtesy when e-mailing, and to do some e-mail management.  See some e-mail efficiency tips below:

1. Keep it brief. Easier for the writer, easier for the reader.

2. Stay focused. Each e-Mail should be on a single subject, with an appropriate subject line.

3. Keep a sense of proportion! Don’t flag an email as “urgent” unless it really is urgent!

4. Unsubscribe. Sure, it may take only a second to delete it when it arrives, but seeing emails flooding into your in-box is so unpleasant; take a few extra seconds to stop those emails at the source.

5. Manage your notifications. When you set up a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a Goodreads profile, a YouTube channel, and the like, pay very careful attention to the notifications. Do you really want to be notified when X, Y, or Z happens? And if you realize later you’re getting notifications you don’t want, take a minute to change your settings.

Source: Happiness-Project


  1. the advice on notifications is spot on


  2. Woa. I have over 500 emails on my account That I have not opened.

  3. The "Urgent" ones get my goat because, more often than not, they aren't.

  4. Good timing! Just yesterday I came home from a 5 day trip to 400 plus emails, a flooded blackberry and took a stance. I turned off all twitter alerts, all facebook alerts and several other services that alerted me by email is someone farted =)
    I already feel lighter!

  5. I'm guilty if I can't get someone's attention with previous e-mails I send another saying URGENT.


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