Jun 5, 2010

Summer Time and Cold Beer

I want something like this here, especially when it is hot and humid :o)

How cool is the Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar? See for yourself: the digital LED display shining out from the front window shows the interior temperature - prefaced by a minus sign.

Once you get inside the company brew pub located in Tokyo's ritzy Ginza district, order up a cold one or pour it yourself from the stylish frozen draft towers. The beer's served colder than room temperature; usually standard practice but even more so when the room is as cold as ice!



  1. There truly aren't many things more satisfying than a truly ice-cold beer.

  2. On a hot summer day, with a dozen or so steamed Maryland Blue Crabs... nothing like an ice cold beer to quench your thirst. But this pub looks even better.


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