Jun 19, 2010

Science Scene - Wodka

Go Wodka Extreme was created by Wenger Corporation of Austria, and is available in the U.S., Australia and throughout Europe. These portable aluminum tubes come in different flavors including lemon, cranberry and energy.  I think this is a need idea, but not really that different from the mini-bottles you can get from any liquor store.  Still, it is unique and new, and who knows, it might take off.  I think it would sell well if it was in a multi-pack.



  1. energy flavored vodka??????? is it supposed to be like vodka and redbull in a neat little package?


  2. Hi Ken,
    Hmmmm ... Energy Vodka packaged in a tube that looks like toothpaste. I see a business opportunity here: Disguise it as Crest and smuggle it into places where drinking isn't normally allowed (prisons, Lyndsey Lohan's house, etc.).

  3. Are these tubes reusable? it seems like such a waste. Of course if you are out to get wasted i guess it doesn't matter.


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