Jun 6, 2010

Facebook Cult?

While Mark Zuckerberg's interview at the recent D8 Conference was less than stellar, more attention has been given to an insignia covertly hidden on the inside of his signature hoodie, than to his painstaking nervous responses.

Feeling the heat in the room, literally and figuratively, the "insignia reveal" would have never seen the light of day had not 'All Things Digital' Kara Swisher suggested Zuckerberg remove his infamous hoodie, less he sweat himself silly right before their very eyes. What was exposed was a Facebook seal that had a retro-cultish-draconian type of image - which shocked Swisher into exclaiming, "Oh my God. You're a cult."

The reason the insignia was kept within the inner circles of Facebook up till now, is probably the most disturbing part of this story. In a world that Zuckerberg professes he would like to see 'free,' 'transparent,' and 'open,' perhaps he should apply those same requisites to his own behavior, particularly when proselytizing before large audiences that he would like to convert into future Facebook evangelists.

I do not think it is a cult, but is sure is addicting :o)


  1. I won't call it 'a cult' but I do think that the profit drive behind Facebook is going to continue to violate personal rights. The idea of our personal information being used for ulterior motives is very disturbing.

  2. I've seen this kind of cult thinking before ... but the Internet tends to be kind of fickle. If Facebook goes to far, something lese will come along.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I am not a facebook generation but I am curious, I often wonder what kind of information is given that it is not solicited nor warranted.

  4. Art Bell would have a field day with this -- probably linking Obama and Satan to FB somehow.

  5. It is fun, but I'd be lying if I didn't also say that their data mining is pretty creepy.


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