Jun 28, 2010

Science Scene - Pedal Power 2

Nokia has recently unveiled a pretty cool way to charge your cell phone -- a bicycle charger kit.

The Bicycle Charger Kit mounts onto the handlebars of your bike and includes a holder for your cell phone. The charger plugs into the phone and then your pedaling does the work. The faster you pedal, the faster the phone charges. At just shy of 4 mph, the charging starts and if you can up your speed to 8 mph, the phone will charge as fast as being plugged into a wall outlet.

This kit is only for Nokia phones, but don't be surprised if other companies adopt the technology soon as well.



  1. I would have to consider a Nokia phone for that feature alone!

  2. I foresee this concept catching on really well in progressive cities like Portland and San Fran.

  3. Very cool ... I could see this really catching on in some of the European countries like the Netherlands where people actually commute by bike.


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