Jun 2, 2010

Leading With Responsibility

Leadership: The courage to take prudent risks to move yourself and other in the direction of doing the right thing that adds value for all stakeholders. Attributes - motivate and vision

Managing is doing things right: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Monitoring, Controlling. Attributes - analyzer and task master.

Leading With Responsibility (shown in order of growing self awareness):
  • Manipulating, attribute is control. Blame others.
  • Conforming, attribute is acceptance. Excuses. Wait for others to take action. Victim.
  • Achieving, attribute is do more. I, my are heard often.
  • Inspiring, attribute is love/compassion. We, our are heard often.
Courtesy of David Antonioni, PH.D., Wisconsin School of Business.

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  1. I like that. I once was the union chapter leader for my previous school, and it was strenuous. It was very hard to motivate others to not seek blind answers. In the process I felt as though I had lost my innocence. I am now eager to follow, but I am also very alert.


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