Jun 24, 2010

How Do You Age?

"It's about trying to mentally keep yourself in a place where your're never resting on our laurels.  That's the fountain of youth.  It has nothing to do with the wrinkles on your face, how fat you get or if you get gray hair.  It's your zest for life." 

Billy Joe Armstrong, Green Day.  Quote in Time Magazine Interview.

I have nothing to add.


  1. If it only it were that easy.

  2. We love Billy Joe around here. Partly because Boris is from the same neighborhood in which Billy Joe grew up. Boris thinks that makes him punk as well.

  3. Hi Ken,
    Yes, I think "zest for life" is key. Good genes help, too.

  4. Yeah I'm through with sleeping on theSidewalk - no more beating my brainsWith the liquor and drugsWith the liquor and drugsWell I am just a modern guyOf course I've had it in the ear before'Cause of a lust for life - Iggy Pop

    Couldn't resist!!


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