Jul 25, 2009

Vegecation Wind Down :o(

It always amazes us how at the beginning of the week, it seems like we have such a great amount of time to have our Vegecation. I distinctly remember sitting out on the gallery (the front entrance to the timeshare units in our building) on Tuesday, after golf but before dinner with Cousin Ron and Aunt Marie, that we still had more than half the week remaining. But time sure flew from there.

I headed out to the links again Wednesday morning, and had another round of golf. Shot an 88, one better than Tuesday. The first few holes went quickly, then about hole seven, I started playing two balls since there were two groups ahead of me. After a stop for some needed water and Gatorade, I started the back nine, and after hole 12, connected up with the two locals behind me for the rest of the round. They gave me some great tidbits for future places to eat.

On Thursday, our friend Lee joined us at the timeshare as has become our tradition. This is the fourth year he has been with us. We get caught up on happenings, and then walk down the beach to get our burgers at Breakers (they have the best burgers, yum! :o). We then head down to the beach for some frolicking, but this year we were consumed with trying to do some trick kite flying in, the wind was intermittent, and we had some tangled lines issues, but toward the end, did get a good half hour of flying in. Then we headed in to get cleaned up, and I cooked up some vintage "Ken's" spaghetti (not quite as favorable as at home since I had no garlic and onions, and only had garlic salt and Italian seasoning to work with). While the sauce was simmering, we played a new spelling card game called Triversity, I rocked in the practice hands, but tanked in the real game :o( After dinner, we played a group solitaire game called Kings In The Corners, it was very enjoyable, and can even be played with two players. Again I came out on the bottom of the totem pole, but fun was had by all.

On Friday, after some gallery and chat time, we headed to JB's Fish Camp for our traditional lunch. It was awesome as always, raw oysters and beer to start, then I had steamed clams. Beth got her Key Lime Pie Fix, so all is good in the Universe again :o)

About half way through our meal, a couple of younger 'Blondie' ladies [quotes because they were very stereotypical] sat at the table next to us. After less than a minute, Beth and I looked at each other and said simultaneously "She's talking again". One of the ladies was the epitome of the comic piece by Henry Phillips called "She's talking again". At one point she actually leaned forward and said three times in succession, "Ohhhhh, mmmmyyyyyy, gggoooooooossssshhhh" leaning forward with her head jutted forward. It was hilarious. Lee and I were able to tune it out, but as Beth said, the whole time it just grated on her "last nerve" :o)

Below is the piece by Henry Phillips.
Today we packed up and hit the road. It was a pretty good trip, we made better time than we hoped for (only one construction delay, and averaged better than 7o mph). We drove up through Jacksonville, into Georgia up through Savannah, into South Carolina travelling through Columbia, and then up to Asheville North Carolina. We are glad that we made good time, because when we got to Asheville, we found out that one of the largest outside festivals in the country is here this weekend (they expect 300,000 to 400,000 people, and Bruce Hornsby is in concert).

No rooms available in the immediate vicinity of the Biltmore Mansion, but we went down the road a piece (that is five miles in Ken Speak) and got a nice room at the Holiday Inn. They have a nice Bistro, and after seven extreme seafood meals the past week, it was great to go Italian. Beth had Lasagna, and I had Veal Marsala. Of course there was a salad, a some bread and olive oil dip, some Red Wine, and a cappuccino and chocolate mousse for me. It was very good and a nice transition into the end of Vegecation.

We are looking forward to our Biltmore tour tomorrow (we advanced booked on line tonight) and then will put in a couple of hours on the road tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, we know we are.


  1. I saw some major dark roots on those blonde heads, so I can't blame it on their hair color. Obnoxiousness knows no boundaries!

    Ohhhhh. Myyyyy. Goshhhhhh. I am SO looking forward to our day tomorrow. :D

  2. I think I work with that girl in the 'She's Talking Again' song.... yeah, she sits RIGHT next to me, I'm SURE of it!!

  3. I wonder what a piece called 'he's talking again' would sound like ... been told that I 'natter' and I share a lot in common with 'her'!

    Garlic salt is not the same as garlic, I agree with that ... makes me want to get some pepperoni, and make a big pot of 'ghetti for today!!

  4. Vacation time seems to fly by while one day at home can seem like a week!! Trick kites can be, well tricky. I have a few of them and find them to be very frustrating!!!! Sounds like you guys are eating quite well :)


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