Jul 20, 2009

Beachcombing :o)

Today was kind of overcast, but pleasant. We decided to take a stroll on the beach :o) Alas, Beth had both her camera and her Flip, so we could not walk hand-in-hand like lovers, but we could feel the sand between our toes.

This is our time share from the beach, we are on second floor, just down from the hanging towels in the center.

This is looking down the beach, you can see how overcast it is, but at least we were not boiling in the heat.

We love watching the birds, they are always good for a laugh :o)

With the storms and wave action at night, these rivulets are left in the sand. Some interesting formations, and very hard and packed.

This last shot shows that you are never to old to play in the sand.


  1. Perhaps another beach walk will be in order after our late lunch!

  2. As long as you promised not to let me walk out into the water, I guess it would be safe for me to have gone with you to the beach!

  3. overcast skies make better pictures sometimes :D

    glad y'all are having a great vacation.


  4. Hurricane Season in Florida now...probably not the best time for a vacation here. Hope the weather clears up for you.

    I had my hurrican shutters down last night with a nasty tropical storm that went by. Some tropical storms are just as strong as a hurricane.

    Enjoy your vacation. Stay well.

    Hugs, Rose from Boca!

  5. It looks so nice. I wish I was there. I'd hold your camera so you could hold hands.


  6. you were in my neck of the woods Sunday..flagler beach...where are you now New Smyrna?? enjoy!!

  7. Your condo looks nice and what a location! Your toes in the sand...does it get any better!!! Enjoy.

  8. looks like you're having a wonderful time! nothing like a little sand between the toes, is there?

    cousin shane

  9. What a great location! You're making me want to purchase a time share.


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