Jul 21, 2009

Does It Get Better Than This :o)

The day started off unique for us on vacation, because we set the alarm.

Today was Golf day, and we headed to the links around 9:00 AM. It is so cool that Beth enjoys going along with me, even if she is not ready to do more than put. Driving the cart, experiencing the tranquility, and loving the nature, it was a great three and a half hours. To the left is an Internet picture of Turnbull Bay. For a live video, go to Nutwood Junction :o)

It was a gorgeous day with clear blue skies, and though a bit warm, it was not blistering hot. We had some beach time and some ocean time (darn those waves, lost my new cheap sunglasses and croaky :o(

Got some good sun, and had a nice chat with a Kansas man who had noticed Blacky in the parking lot. Always fun to get some car chat in :o)

We then headed to JB's Fish Camp for dinner with Cousin Ron and Aunt Marie. Cousin Ron is the one that turned us onto JB's., and Aunt Marie had never been there.

Amazing how fast two hours can go. We had a great time talking, getting caught up on family thingies, and learning more about the history of New Smyrna and Bethune Beach.

Even more cool, after all the years that Cousin Ron had come to this little slice of paradise, he did not know about Bethune Park and the Manatees. We headed to the cove where we always go to visit these gentle giants. We could see several snouts a few yards off, and some ripples and bodies out in the cove, but there were none nestling close to shore (must be more of a heat of the day thing). But then, we saw a lady making several trips from a house to a local dock with water jugs, and being my usual shy self, I inquired if we could join her. She was very gracious and accommodating, and had us come out on the dock (Cousin Ron did not want to at first due to a disability, but I am pleased as punch to report that he ventured out, but Aunt Marie did not). Turns out that the water in the cove is a bit brackish, and she was giving them fresh water. The Manatees absolutely loved it and would come to the surface to drink as the water was poured slowly out. We all got to pet the Manatees, a once in a lifetime experience. The truly are gentle giants.

Sigh, what a wonderful day with my wife, family, and kind strangers :o)


  1. I LOVE the fact that you got to hang with the Manatees. That is just so cool.


  2. It was genuinely one of the neatest experiences we've had down here...or anywhere! I loved how they rolled onto their backs and just drank the water down! Big sweeties!

  3. That IS a once in a lifetime experience!! The neatest thing!!

  4. Hi Ken,
    Looks like you're having a great time!

  5. that is what a vacation is all about....happy times, doing things you usually don't do.....i am glad you enjoyed the family and the manatees and family too.

  6. What did the manatees feel like? Beth said it was an amazing experience. I would love to see a manatee sometime, although I do have to say that other than some of the wildlife (not the snakes) and Cape Canaveral, there isn't much that interests me about Florida. mostly because of the humidity. Hope you're having a great trip (bt, I am a friend of Shane's)!

  7. I love the weatehr info box for SB... it says it is partly sunny, though if I look out the window right now I'd see that it is pouring down rain.

  8. Absolutely envious times you've all had. Hey I heard that golf is a more involved "sport" or endeavor because you're playing against yourself basically, your own skill. Is that true do you suppose? Or is it just fun. Golf is something you either love or are totally confused about lol. Great entry, enjoyed traveling with you.

  9. No, no. You folks are having too much fun.


  10. You and Beth truly know how to take a vacation.

  11. I would have loved the experience with the manatee, how awesome!!!! It sounds like you guys are having a super vacation.


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