Jul 13, 2009

Ceiling Fan Blues :o)

After our garage cleanup and errand running, get details over at Nutwood, we headed back to the homestead for some R&R.

One of the ways I R&R is to do little chores around the house. My goal was to replace the ceiling fan in the office, and then put in a garage can patio (this may have turned into more of a project than it sounds because I need to make sure that Chip's home entrance(s) are not disturbed :o).

When I headed into the office, everything changed in an instant as I yelped in pain (stupid shelves) due to my lack of situational awareness. I managed to walk right into some shelves we bought from my Mom in the garage sale, and had stored on the floor [supposedly out of the way, did I mention stupid shelves].

Of course, as a man, I shrugged off the incident, and ignored my brides suggestion of applying ice, and I now have a very colorful bruise on the middle toe of my left foot, right at the beginning of the toenail. [banging heel of hand against forehead multiple times, mumbling stupid, stupid, stupid].

I find it absolutely amazing how a $20 ceiling fan can take an hour to hang. Of course, to remove the old ceiling fan, it must be disassembled, blades and all. Then, almost certainly, the main connection to the ceiling electrical box had to be replaced. To install the new ceiling fan, you must assemble in stages (with the blades going on last). Naturally, the blades are so close to the housing that you cannot use a cordless screwdriver.

Now that it is done, it is much better having an all white ceiling fan in there versus the multi-colored one that was there previously. No regrets, but needless to say, the garbage can patio will wait for another day.

Hope your Monday was uneventful, and that you have a wonderful evening.


  1. When you showed me your bruise, I think my reaction was "Don't tell ME about it!" LOL As I said, I'm the BruiseMaster, and I've learned that a quick ice treatment does wonders to stop the subcutaneous bleeding. :D

  2. Yikes...on the toe no less!! That IS painful. Where do you find your cute pictures???? They are always perfect for your entries. Enjoy your dinner, it will help the pain :)

  3. adventures in home improvement!


  4. Hi Ken,
    I hope the bruise heals up quickly ... that it's not too painful.

  5. OUCH!! Hope your toe feels better very soon, I know too well, that it's VERY painful!!

    I JUST bought a beautiful white ceiling fan for my dining room... Hmmm, Now I ain't gonna try to do it myself!! LOL!!

  6. Hows the toe?
    And ya know. Brides, I've heard, are the smartest most knowing individuals in the world. You know that right? Just ask Beth, she'll confirm my wisdom......


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