Jul 20, 2009

Hadron Rap, Oh Yes :o)

I am sure that you are going through geek withdrawals while we are vegecating, so here is a geek worthy post for you. If you recall, I posted an entry about particle physics, this song explains it much better than I did :o)


  1. Oh I remember reading all about this and so many people calling it the doomsday machine. Come to think of it, we never did blow to bits did we? LOL. Good way to learn about it though.

  2. An error occured when I tried to check it out ... but I will You Tube it when I get a chance!

  3. You MUST be kidding me!! They HAD to have fun doing this!!

  4. who said science isn't hip (hop)????

    that was AWESOME and my favorite thing you have ever posted!!!!!!!!



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