Jul 21, 2009

National Parks Freebee :o)

August 15 and 16. Enjoy free admission to national parks, monuments and other sites. For a full list:



  1. Rats ... there isn't one near me!! Would have been a great deal!!

  2. Thanks, Ken!!! Good to know!! I'm NOT going to Death Valley, but I may try another one!!

  3. OK, I TRIED!!! Looked into going to the Channel Islands for the day or maybe even the weekend... but there is NO LODGING available, only tent camping... NO FOOD, I have to bring my own food and water... and the only transportation around the islands is by foot!!!!! I'm WAY too old for this!!!

  4. OK, Chose Joshua Tree Natnl Park, there's a spot there from where you can see the San Andreas fault.... THAT should be scary!!!

  5. That was really bad English, huh!!? You can delete all these comments if you want to!!! =)

    Enjoy your vacation!!


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