Jul 19, 2009

Vegecation - First Day, Pleasant as Always :o)

For those of you (most likely all of you :o) who read my wife over at Nutwood Junction, you can get additional details over there, she has made three entries already :o)

The drive down was not to bad, we arrived within an hour of our destination target (check in is at 4:00 PM, and we arrived at 5:30 PM). We did hit construction and accident delays four times in two days, which created some driving frustration, but keeping the end in mind, it was just barely tolerable :o)

One of the highlights was the Tennessee Nickajack Reservoir, shown here with two backdrops, the first with Blacky, the Pony that made the drive easier, and Beth, in all her picture taking glory :o)

Yesterday, before we arrived, we decided to head over to the causeway just south of Jacksonville and drive the coast and see if we could get some lunch and a cool amber beverage or two before we arrived at our New Smyrna home-a-way-from-home. I am pleased to announce that we found the Turtle Shack Cafe, it was very pleasant (at least at the time, we suspect this was the source of Beth's ills last night :o( At least in the picture at the right, you can see Beth relaxing and enjoying the Turtle Shack Cafe.

We headed out last night to do some grocery shopping, and then a great seafood dinner snack at our traditional first night stop at PJ's Sea Shack. Fresh shrimp and a seafood sampler were in order, and always, we left full and very content (we had one appetizer and one entree to limit the impact :o)

Today was very low key, sleeping in until about 10:30 AM, then sitting out on the patio walkway and reading, talking, and people watching (listening also if you read Beth's entry about the LOUD's).

This afternoon, I headed down the beach for a run, about 40 minutes. It had a few interesting moments. After I first started out, about five minutes in, I was astonished by a horn honking behind me. I glanced over as a Lincoln Continental with a young couple passed by, laughing all the way. I was very startled when the horn honked, and it was just rude. As I jogged along, I thought to myself, they saw me from behind, so the baby whale gliding along on a Seagway image could not have been the inspiration, so it was just nasty. About 10 minutes later, I came across the car again, the young lady had headed to the water, and the young man was by the car. As I approached, I announced "Hey Funny Man". His immediate response was that it was not him, it was his girlfriend. I had not planned on approaching him, but this just made my blood boil on several levels, so I turned toward him. I mentioned that he should be careful who he "plucked" with (what a chicken shit), as he kept the car between himself and I. Guess there is a difference between honking at an innocent jogger and having a 220 lb man bearing down on you. I swear that I could actually hear his testicles shrivel as he avoided me. Running back, made sure there was not a Lincoln bearing down on me from behind, and as I passed the car, she was sitting on the trunk, and not a whisper was heard from any little mices :o)

After I cleaned up, we walked up the beach to get me some shades and a Croaky holder for them, and stopped for a beer or two on the beach. All in all, a nice day, and tonight it will be some BBQ fresh Salmon.


  1. I can say I'm quite certain that he didn't say "pluck," folks. LOL

  2. i know all about rude strangers, ask your wife a bout that...sorry CarDude and his girl were rude....glad to hear you and Beth are at your destination and having a good time.

  3. Hi Ken,
    Sheesh ... I guess it takes all kinds but it's good that you stood up to those jerks. Too bad you didn't have a camera on you ... might have been nice to snap their photos and license number for the blog. Turtle Cafe looks like fun ... the aftermath, not so much.

  4. Ken if you didn't say "Pluck" you must have said "MUCK" ~ how did you bring that into the equation :o) ??? ~ Glad you had a good day ~ Ally x

  5. LOL, his testicles shriveling up...that is hysterical! I like "funny man" too - good for you for putting them in their place!!!!!


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