Jul 2, 2009

Is your Opinion Worth Anything?

I wanted to wait until I had actually received the payment into my PayPal account, and that happened several days ago. We have discussed here in the blogosphere about the demise of AOL. I have to say that I am less certain of that future. I think they are starting to carve out a niche in news and other services.

A good example is AOL'S OpinionPlace, where you spend 20-25 minutes every week or so filling out a survey. The first one was about allergy and sinus medications and companies, today's was about Auto/Life/Home Insurance and Financial services and companies. You receive $3.75 for each completed survey, in about 3-4 weeks. Click through to sign up for yourself :o)


If you were a follower of Bucko's Bucks (see my sidebar), you would have found out about this last week :o)


  1. I often wondered about those "get paid for taking surveys" deals. Now I know its true! Good idea to wait until the $$ deposits into your account :)

  2. Wow, so they really do pay. Whodathunkit!


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