Jan 1, 2009

Happy 2009 To Everyone :o)

My wish to you is that 2009 meets, and exceeds, your goals and desires.

I have set my resolve to focus on the people that are an active part of my life. This includes my wife, her family, my Mom and Step-dad, and of course my friends here in Spotterville :o) I will continue to reach out to those family and friends that we have become somewhat distant with, but that is a secondary objective. One thing that is exciting is that we know we will be meeting a few of our fellow Bloggers this year.

My goal is to spend more time in the yard this year, getting our veggie garden back to health, putting in a flower garden with waterfall, and working on our forest path. The added benefit is that this falls right in line with being healthy and getting excercise.

At work, I plan on focusing on the things I really need to get done, that add value, and not sweat the smaller things. There are lots of things that we can do to help make our workdays fun and less stressful, thereby improving our overall quality of life.

Last, but certainly not least, I will continue to search out ways that I can give back. A book I read several years ago (Halftime, by Bob Buford) has the following premise: "One of the most common characteristics of a person nearing the end of the first half (of the game of life) is that unquenchable desire to move from success to significance." I am certainly transitioning to the second half in this wonderful game of life, and truly look forward to the significance focus.

Picking our focus areas, where we can have the most impact, or get the best return, is certainly better than chasing the wisp of our pasts, wondering "What-If." I find the view through the windshield is much better than the rear view mirror. Happy New Year, and wishing you Health, Prosperity, and Happiness.


  1. Great entry, and looking forward to another great year with you. :)

  2. The front windshield is much better. Every day is one to do better than the day before. So nice we always get another chance. 'On Ya'-ma

  3. You have some great things that you want to do in 2009. I hope you can accomplish all those goals. Makes a healthier happier person.
    Happy New Year to you and Beth. Helen

  4. Ken Happy New Year I hope it brings you everything you wish for yourslef ~ Ally x

  5. Happy New Year, hope you have the best one yet!

  6. Happy 2009 - from the sound of it you are going to have a busy year, productive to be sure. I wish you all the best in 2009, may this year be everything you are hoping for.

  7. Hi Ken,
    Happy New Year ... sounds like you've got some solid plans for the year. That book, half-time, sounds interesting ... I find myself at the very same juncture. See you in Vegas!

  8. All the outdoor work sounds wonderful! I'd love to be able to dig in the garden(have to ask the landlady) this year.
    I like the quote of moving from success to significance.
    Happy New Year to you and Beth!
    :) Leigh

  9. all attainable things to accomplish this year!!! I think we all, in our own way, look for living a life of greatest value (significance); hoping you find ways to accomplish it :)

    Happy new year! may it be a good one for you and Beth


  10. Hi Ken... Happy New Year!! I know what you mean... I've been thinking the same thing about what is more important. It does have to do with age. I started cleaning out my closets and my drawing room... I took two car loads of stuff to the Good Samaritan's Thrift Shop... clothes, shoes, books, etc. Things that have been taking up space and cluttering my home. The thing about a cluttered home is that it usually reflects a cluttered soul. And sure enough, as soon as I got rid of stuff I didn't need anymore, I felt 100% lighter, and more ready to meet whatever challenges I may face this year. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel free again. Just get rid of stuff you don't need, don't want, and forgot you even had it. Then you'll have room inside your home and your heart for what's more important in the coming year. BTW, don't go shopping and buy a bunch of stuff you don't really need after you've cleared out your home. That would defeat the purpose of making room in one's home and mind (chuckle). bea

  11. Ken, those sound like wonderful goals. My wish for you is for continued happiness for you and Beth... you two make a great couple, you compliment each other so well, and your are both such a wonderful part of 'spottersville'!!

  12. Definitely feel you on the view through the windshield ..! No need to sweat what is in the rearview.

  13. Great thoughts on your New Year and acheivalbe too


  14. Great goals for the new year Ken. If you make them all, then you are my new hero. You can do it if anyone can.
    Hugs, Joyce

  15. Thank you for the many kind words and warm thoughts that you have sent my way. May this New Year bring you blessings in abundance.


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