Jan 29, 2009

Superbowl Commercial - Are You Gonna Watch?

The following information was sent out on our internal network today, and I found it really interesting. My company, AEP, will be part of a Superbowl Commercial. So as we all watch the game, and when you see the Scarecrow, know that you will be connected with us for a brief moment.

GE will air a national television advertisement that includes an AEP logo during the first game break of the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIII, coming on Sunday, Feb. 1.

The 30-second spot launches a major GE advertising campaign to introduce its Smart Grid energy-related technology, and has a working title of "Scarecrow," featuring the theme song "If I Only Had a Brain" from the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz."

AEP and GE are partnering in AEP's installation of GE Smart Meters in South Bend, Ind., as part of AEP's gridSMART initiative. Indiana Michigan Power is installing 10,000 of the new meters and automated distribution technology. Smart meters are digital meters connected to a two-way radio frequency communications network that send usage information over a secure internet protocol system.


  1. It will be fun to watch for it! When it airs, we can throw our chips and shrimp into the air and yell, "Huzzah!"

    On second thought, let's just eat them and not throw them. :)


  2. I will make a point to look for the scarecrow and then I will loudly yell "Keeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!". We'll see how Doug reacts to that, then I'll explain. LOL.

  3. Hi Ken,
    Wow ... this is great. I'll definitely watch for that commercial. The whole thing makes me think of Margaret Hamilton, waving her broom at Ray Bolger and yelling, "How about a little fire, Scarecrow?" Classic!

  4. As an "extra credit" project for marketing, Mac will be watching for the commercials during the SuperBowl. I don't watch foot ball often, but with the Cardinals and the Steelers playing, I will be this year. :)

  5. I won't be watching the Superbowl this year as I have a bridal show where I have a booth. ::sigh:: Superbowl weekend?!?! Really, WHAT were they thinking? Maybe they are hoping the brides will want to escape and come see up?


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  7. Wow now that is kind of cool! The question I have is what will the usage information retrieved be used for? If you think about it more and more information about ourselves is being collected on a daily basis. I am not so sure I feel that this is a good thing due to supply and demand pricing. Well enjoy the Superbowl and I will look for your company commercial. Kelly

  8. I will keep my eyes open for it!

  9. I will keep and eye out for the scarecrow! Great Ads.

    Hugs, Rose

  10. I'm one of the few that is not going to be watching the Super Bowl. I'm not a huge fan of football in any event. It does sound as you and Beth will be having an awesome time enjoying the game. (Hugs)Indigo

  11. How kewl is that? I'm not excited about the Super Bowl, but being a football fan in general, I will be watching. The Scarecrow is in my sites.
    Hugs, Joyce


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