Jan 17, 2009

Habits of Happy Couples :o)

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Happy couples know that the real relationship begins when the honeymoon is over. Below are the habits of highly happy couples:

  • Go to bed at the same time.
  • Cultivate common interests.
  • Make Trust and forgiveness your default mode.
  • Focus on accentuating the positive.
  • Hug each other as soon as you see each other after being apart for the day.
  • Say "I love you" and "Have a good day" every morning.
  • Say "good night" every night, regardless of how you feel.
  • Do a "weather" check during the day (if your partner is having a bad day, it is not reasonable to expect them to be enthusiastic about something good in yours).
  • Walk hand in hand.
  • Stick with it (some of the above suggestions may not be natural yet, it takes practice to make them a habit).


  1. We do some of these, but not all. I think it varies from couple to couple.
    We always say we love each other and kiss goodbye in the mornings.
    One never knows what may happen when they leave the house in the morning.
    I think laughter is very important too, we love to laugh together.
    good post..
    have a good weekend.

  2. All of those suggestions do work! I must say that my hubby and I follow all!

  3. Wonderful list for couples here today. I can only add that praying together is a good one to do too. 'On Ya'-ma

  4. good ideas i hope to put to use someday :D


  5. I just read that article, and it was nice to see that we do all of these! It seems to come pretty naturally. The only one we're inconsistent with is going to bed at the same time, and that's mostly since I stopped working. Of course, when I was working, you usually stayed up later than I did! Ha ha!

  6. very nice entry, I agree with them, also praying together is good also.

  7. When I am in love, I always walk hand and hand, which is funny since I don't like 99% of people even touching me :-0.

    I bet you & Beth do most of this....that it just comes to you.

  8. Hi Ken,
    Sounds like good advice.

  9. Great tips! I think me and Rich do most of those.. not all tho. Linda

  10. Well, thanks a lot Ken. Way to late for me to use any of these tips. lol. Good ones though.
    Hugs, Joyce

  11. These sound really sensible!! I just need to find someone willing to do all these things WITH ME!!!! LOL!!!

  12. Hey Joann ... I will be willing to try!! LOL (sorta ... I mean, I would but ..*)

    All of them good tips and a great guide, but really, shouldn't we KNOW to do some if not all of this already? A lot of it goes into practice, if you are aware of being a participant in a relationship, don't you think?

  13. Love all these tips. Mark and I do almost all of these. We don't walk hand in hand most of the time though. Linda

  14. Such good tips. Happy to say Doug & I do most of these, not the handholding though. But we do hug & give a kiss and "I love you" upon every arrival & departure. It's been that way since we've been together. It's still nice to hear and never grows old.

  15. I do all but two. Bed time together isn't easy, Paul keeps strange hours with his band. As for common interest we are literally at different ends of the pole on that one. Then again it's what makes life interesting for us. Everything else, we have it down to a scienc. This was one of those leave me smiling post. (Hugs)Indigo

  16. You know what's funny: I can't say that the list you made is guaranteed to work. But my marriage didn't work and we didn't do many of those things on the list. Something to think about huh?

  17. Thomas and I will have been married 22 years on our next anniversary, and I can attest to the truth of that list. Before I got married a friend of mine told me the hardest year of marriage wasn't the first, it was the second, and she was right. Once you get past that second, if you are both working together, it should be smooth-sailing (with the occasional choppy sea that you get through together).

  18. a great entry Ken I love it


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