Jan 30, 2009

Stimulus Package - Will Nuclear Get a Fair Shake?

US NEWS: --SENATE APPROPRIATORS APPROVED $50 BILLION IN LOAN GUARANTEE authority in fiscal 2009 for new nuclear power plants and other clean energy technology projects. The appropriators approved the provision January 27 as part of a stimulus package intended to create more jobs and reinvigorate the economy. A report accompanying the legislation, S. 336, said the loan guarantee authorization would supplement the levels previously approved for the loan guarantee program. It said the committee was providing additional authorization because of the "strong interest in the program and the large number of pending applications."

Under the program, there is currently $18.5 billion available for power reactor projects, which the industry says would cover construction of no more than three new nuclear units, and $2 billion available for nuclear fuel cycle facilities. DOE said it initially received 19 applications to build 21 new reactors, but the department hasn't disclosed how many of those applicants completed the second part of the filing process by last month's deadline. House appropriators did not include a similar provision to expand loan guarantees for nuclear projects in their version of the stimulus legislation.

Differences between the House and Senate versions would have to be ironed out by members of a congressional conference committee.


  1. Should be interesting to see how many move forward with new plants.

  2. I don't know enough about this topic to say. I only know the surface, nothing indepth. The one nuclear physicist I know made it clear today in a mass email that he does not approve. ~Mary
    ps thank you for the welcome back :-)

  3. I sorta think that investing in safe nuclear energy would pay for itself. These small drops in the energy problem will in the end make it a gentrified issue.

    Somewhere, I see the masses living in cramped metroplis, similar to 'Blade Runner', while those who can afford the nuclear powered life, sit above and away from the mess.

  4. umm Ken...
    how did it happen? it sounds like the House and the Senate do not have the same packages?
    so..is it a question fo everyone signing off/or...what?
    what would help by the way?
    why don't you write us about that.

  5. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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