Jan 10, 2009

Change - It Is A Good Thing :o)

Change seems to be inevitable in today's day of age. Even planned and positive change can be tough. So what can we do to ease the transition???

One of the things we need to do is recognize where change may come from - relationships may change (retirements or moves), roles may shift (illness, children marry), routines may be altered (new job, new baby).

We also need awareness that our assumptions may change. Life changes (being laid off, a promotion, etc.) can impact our sense of worth, or our self-confidence. The change can be positive or negative, planned or unplanned, but that does not mean that we do not need coping mechanisms.

* Modify your thinking. Play down the bad parts of the transition, and play up the good.

* Modify the situation. For example, if in a new job, ask for an early performance appraisal.

* Develop a support system. Family, friends, organizations. This can help provide affirmation for the change, as well as assistance and a sense of feeling cared for.

* Cut stress. Steps could include counseling, exercise, massage - what ever helps keep you calm.

* Be patient. Some change can take a year or more to re-establish a comfort zone. Be kind to yourself during the transition. Also, make sure you are compassionate with others that are impacted and/or sharing in the change. You never know, the person you help may be yourself :o)


  1. Excellent points & suggestions on handling change. I am a person who does not like change and don't handle it well when it comes along.

  2. Great entry...however, I still hate change. lol.
    Hugs, Joyce

  3. Hi Ken,
    Great advice ... I'm sure we all need to brace ourselves for some change these days! I once heard that in Chinese, the word for "change" is also the same word for "opportunity."

  4. Yes, I understand the stages you describe with the diagram here. FOr the past six months I have been in the precontemplation and contemplation phases of seeking higher qualifications for my relatively new position as an art teacher. This week I took steps to get closer to my goal and registered for two Praxis tests. It will definitely change my direction as a teacher if I pass (when I pass is a more positive way to say it)them. I'd been dragging my feet for fear that I might fail in the attempt - even before I attempted (because it has been many years since I studied art history and content), so this week, I took the plunge and went online and registered. I have two months to prepare for it. Transitions aren't usually easy, but when you come out on the other side, how good it feels!

  5. This is really timely considering the changes that so many are going through right now. It seems that every family is being affected by the tough times, and ours recently joined the ranks. It's sure starting to hit home with everyone now. :(

  6. I worry about my daughter who has been working at a job for over 10 years that she hates but the money is good. She finally decided to make a change then the economy went tumbling. I try to encourage her to hang in there because there are no jobs available right now. Her office downsided also and several of her friends were let go which made her hate her job more......

    I feel so bad for her. We have all been at a job that we hate getting up in the morning for.

    I wish there was something I could do to make her tolerate her job until things change.


  7. Definitely agreed. :) With every change there is an adjustment period. It's not usually fun but this too shall pass. The important thing is what you do with the time it takes.

  8. Lot of good advice there. We all have changes everyday of our lives. So many are having huge changes in their lives that are not easily coped with. These tips can apply to lots of different ones and people.


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