Jan 4, 2009

Vegas Baby !

Not much to report from this end. Yesterday we ran a few errands and puttered around the house. We watched the Colts last night, but unfortunately, they lost. So both of our teams are out of the playoffs. So we think we will root for the Titans :o)

We are all packed, and our flight leaves at about 2:00. We are headed to Las Vegas for a few days. You can read the details over at Nutwood Junction, where Beth explained our plans and how we are meeting with our great friends Steve and Kim.

We are already in Vegas mode, staying up until the wee hours of the morning and sleeping in most of the morning. So, expect some weird posting times :o)

Enjoy your Sunday :o)


  1. i have never been to vegas. each time i read about it in beth's blog i so wanna go. enjoy!


  2. I hope you have fun in Vegas!

    If you get a chancce, stop by my blog and check out my post of Jan 4. I will have it done by tonight. It should be helpful for 2009.

    I am looking up at your "dance" in the sidebar and I just can't stop laughing. It makes me laughing everytime I see it!

    Now off to write that blog post I just mentioned!

    krissy knox :)
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  3. Have a great time...like you need to be told that when you are in Vegas!!!!!

  4. Just like I told Beth, have a ball and win big.
    Hugs, Joyce

  5. have fun Ken and Beth!! win big, play hard, stay up late, etc, etc etc!!!

    (yea for the Chargers!!!!!!!!!) sorry about the Colts; that was a tough game and I was actually mixed about who should win since I'm a fan of Tony Dungy, but........San Diego is my hometown!!! so.....maybe this year!!!

    have a great time!!


  6. Too bad about the Colts ... ran into a hot team. Have a great time, you and Beth!

  7. Hi Ken,
    Good luck in Vegas ... see you on Wed.!

  8. WIN BIG!!!!!

    Thanks to you and Beth for my birthday card!! = )


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