Jan 28, 2009

Swimming With Sharks :o)

Recently, one of my co-workers provided me a remake of a paper that was published in the 1800's regarding "How to Swim With Sharks: A Primer", by Voltaire Cousteau. This was developed to help protect sponge divers.

It is really interesting to review the analogies of the dangers of swimming with actual sharks, with the business world, and having to deal with "sharks" :o)

So here provide the "rules" that were identified to say that it is of obvious importance to learn that the waters are shark infested before commencing to swim. If you suddenly find yourself in shark infested waters, then what is your recourse? - If you follow these rules, it may be possible to survive.

1. Assume all unidentified fish are sharks
2. Do not bleed
3. Counter any aggression promptly
4. Get out of the water if someone is bleeding
5. Use anticipatory retaliation
6. Disorganized and organized attack

As you think about the waters in which you swim, do you have a plan on how to deal with the inevitable sharks?


  1. I assume that if I don't know them, they are sharks!

  2. How funny to think about how much that relates to navigating the waters of the workplace!

  3. i am so going to apply these life saving provisions to the social experiment.

    all the 'fish' are now SHARKS!

    ps is the cousteau above a relation to jacques of national geographic fame?


  4. Hi Bucko,
    Oh, I've been dealing with sharks in the workplace for years. I usually ignore them unless they cross me directly ... in which case, all I can say is, look out. I make it a point to pay them back with interest.

  5. My waters have been pretty crystal clear since I retired and don't have to deal with the mammoth shark that was my supervisor. She's the reason I retired 10 months before I really wanted to. It was either retire or the looney bin.

  6. Ironically, the sharks rarely bother me, or scare me. Probably because behide my smile they can see my sharp teeth as well. It's the puffer fish that generally annoy or otherwise throw things for a loop in my work atmosphere.

  7. What works for me is the "Buddy System."

    When you see a shark, stab your buddy and swim the other way as fast as you can.

  8. my plan against those sharks, I just turn a corgi puppy on them (seriously, I'm so thankful I don't have to deal with a lot, if any, sharks seeing that I'm blessed to be able to work at home :)


  9. I carry a large blow gun to shoot them with. ;)

    Having been in commercial construction for 23 years I've met more sharks than I care to remember.


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