Dec 17, 2011

Change Shaper

Five Questions That Should Shape Any Change Program

1) Where do we want to go? Sounds simple, but answering this question for both performance and health means setting an aspiration at the intersection of where opportunities exist, what capabilities you have, and where you are passionate about making a difference. 
2) How ready are we to get started? Leaders of most failed change programs we've seen moved straight from aspiration to action. But you can't know what actions to take if you don't have a clear view of the capabilities and mindsets you'll need to develop to make the change stick.

3. What practical steps do we need to take?
 We've found that leaders need to be as clear about what the company won't do anymore as about what it will do to improve both performance and health. 
4. How do we manage the journey? Implementing a portfolio of performance initiatives can take different forms — everything from running pilots to 'big bang' roll outs. But too often leaders underestimate the amount of energy that is needed to roll out large scale change. 
5. How do we keep moving forward? Those few leaders who actually reach their performance goal too often see it as the end of the road, and don't plan a transition to a period of continuous improvement. This creates a risk that you won't be able to sustain the impact it's achieved. 


  1. Well, I needed that blog entry. Rumors of plant closure abound. And I guess I will be looking for a change. A change is not always a bad thing either.

  2. I agree with these five steps/questions to make a change. Most importantly is when you said, " Most failed change programs we've seen moved straight from aspiration to action." This is so true. Like this piece also stated, " You need to develop the proper mindset to make the change stick."

  3. The questions work in all walks of life. Most are still relevant even in your 70's.
    Warm thoughts from Florida!

  4. When I hear, "Time for change, I think it's time to rearrange."

  5. There is always room for change and improvement.

    Look how far we have come with electronics??? Wish they could apply their knowledge and straighten out the world.

    We just need to put the political thieves in jail. Get rid of them all. That alone would be great change and improvement.


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