Dec 7, 2011

Go Green!

Cryomation Cryomator Cryomation

The greenest way to go

  A person's carbon footprint keeps growing after death. Burial uses arable land, and cremation releases a body's carbon into the atmosphere. The Cryomator instead chills the body with liquid nitrogen until it breaks apart and then freeze-dries the remains to remove water and kill microbes. The powder retains the body's carbon, making the entire carbon impact of the process about 75 percent less than that of cremation. The company is currently building its first commercial unit, which should be in operation before the end of 2012.



  1. GO WHITE..! uh, wait... you don't mean that kind of 'go green'... anywho, price point is what will make a big difference... the more accessible and within reach of many Americans will make this 'the way to go'...

  2. So, I need to get frozen, and then minced?

    Will do.

  3. A new way to GO, I mean really GO!!!!
    Not a bad idea!

  4. Wow, very intresting! You can be frozen and then snapped apart. My goodness even dying has become green!

  5. I would have no problem with that. It's actually kinda cool!


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