Dec 27, 2011

Wine Racks

Yesterdays project was reorganizing our wine room, built four more racks (each rack holds four cases).  We now have room for 60 cases with 40 on hand.  We are currently drinking our 2005's.  Most of what you see at the far ends are 2008-2010.  Our walkout basement keeps this room at a perfect wine storage temperature.


  1. That my friend is VERY impressive. We just have a silly little wrought iron rack. You must be real connoisseurs of wine. My hubby is usually the only one who drinks it here. I am fond of champagne, though. LOL You did a super fantastic job building these. Loved seeing them. Take care.

  2. That is a lot of work, and looks neat. I know nothing about wine except red and white. I use the cheap gallon jugs of red, Dr. advice glass every evening. According to him for the purposes I drink, the cheapest is just as good. But how would I know?

    Nice to have the correct temp without extensive temps and humid stuff.
    Good on U.

  3. How cool. That room is awesome. I guess you're set for a few months.

  4. Well, just when I decided to not look at another damn blog that has pictures of Christmas food, I find here a room full of wine. What is a girl to do!!!
    I developed a taste for good California wines but since I retired I can scarcely afford the cheap Oklahoma wines. Really, it is impossible to find a good wine where I live and you cannot buy online in Oklahoma. So, hello there Mr. Gallo.
    Seriously, this is a lovely wine room you have here.

  5. Wow...this gives me something to shoot for (although not that grand of a scale) in our basement!

  6. A very impressive wine room Ken. Happy you did it yourself. Must be very satisfying. Glad you have a good place in the house that keeps it the right temp. I'd hate to waste the energy to cool them.


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